To Begoo Karadeniz

Amazing Turkish Drama

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To Begoo Karadeniz
Original Title
Sen Anlat Karadeniz
Yusuf Ömer Sinav, Veli Çelik, Osman Sinav, Emre Kabakusak, Murat Onbul
Osman Sinav
Erkan Birgören, Deniz Cigal, Nehir Erdem, Sema Ali Erol
2 h 30 min
Release Date
24 January 2018
Ulas Tuna Astepe, Irem Helvacioglu, Sinan Tuzcu
Nafes was forced to marry vedat who abused & tortured her,one day nefes takes her son & escapes in a car truck of one of her husband's partners who is called tahir,Tahir will protect them from vedat Written by ahmetkozan

A new Turkish series called Sen Anlat Karadeniz goes in-depth on a story about a mother and son who are stuck in a home with domestic violence and their plan for their grand escape.
At a young age, Nefe was forced and sold into a child marriage. With no choice, her life was taken from her and she became a slave to her husband Vedat. Over the years, Nefe was beaten and tortured with nowhere to run and hide. She became strong as she had to learn how to survive on her own. When she became older she gave birth to her son and realized she needed to escape from Vedat to have a better life for her son. With many failed attempts and more beatings she never lost hope that she would run far enough away that Vedat would never find them again. It was the day that a gentleman named Mustafa came to the house for a business meeting with Vedat that things changed.

When Mustafa came to the house he had brought Tahir his younger brother. When Tahir and Nefe saw each other for the first time they knew it was love at first sight. They instantly felt a connection that was stronger than anything Nefe has ever felt. Tahir soon realized the bruises and marks on her wrist and knew something wasn’t right. Meanwhile, Nefe was planning her and her son’s grand escape to leave. The night came upon and Nefe took her son and hid in the back of Tahir’s car. But when they both fell asleep they had woken up in a new place with Tahir. Tahir drove away unknowingly they were sleeping in the back. Tahir knew that from that moment on it was his responsibility to protect them and make sure Vedat never hurt them again. But How far will Tahir go in sacrificing himself? How will Tahir keep them safe when Vedat finds them?

Watch this thrilling Turkish drama to see how this story ends!

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