Talkh va Shirin (Bitter Sweet Life) Duble Farsi

Amazing Turkish Romance

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Talkh va Shirin (Bitter Sweet Life) Duble Farsi
Original Title
Hayat Bazen Tatlidir
Hamdi Alkan
Süreç Film
Gani Müjde
Release Date
16 October 2016
Comedy, Romance
Birce Akalay, Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan, Ufuk Özkan
The story that takes place in a school with students full of joy and friendship between them. Until a rich ,hamdsome boy joins the school called Koray.

Talkh va Shirin Turkish romance – Bitter Sweet Life (Hayat Bazen Tatlidir) – is centred around two sisters, Hayat and Gozde. Hayat is the older of the two and works at Gozde’s high school as a teacher. After their parents died, Hayat is Gozde’s guardian taking on a parental role in her life.

Hayat teaches literature at the top private school that Gozde attends. The two of them life more modestly than the majority of the students who attend the school. It is Hayat’s job at the school that allows her sister to be financially able to attend. Gozde sometimes finds it difficult to keep up with the wealthy lifestyle of those that she attends school with.

One a day, Hayat gets an emergency phone call telling her that Gozde is in danger at a party. She arrives to find her sister being attacked by a fellow student, and her boyfriend, Koray. She stops the attack before it can get more serious.

Hayat makes the executive decision that for her sisters safety they will move to a public school in a different part of Istanbul. She will work there as a teacher as well.

When they get there, they have some trouble adjusting to the new school. Contrary to the private school, the children at this school are from poorer families. Hayat works diligently to try and raise the standard of their failing education and be a voice for these children. Gozde finds friends and gets the attention of a popular boy at the new school.

Then, Koray and two other wealthy students transfer to the public school upturning the balance. Watch Bitter Sweet Life to find out how these two sisters fare in their new environment and if their kindheartedness will trump the corruption that surrounds them.

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