Sibe Mamnoee (Forbidden Fruit)

Three things in life can not be hidden "love, smoke and lack of money"

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Series Details

Sibe Mamnoee
Original Title
Altin Tepsi
Neslihan Yesilyurt
Fatih Aksoy
Melis Civelek, Zeynep Soyata
2 h 00 min
Release Date
19 March 2018
Drama, Romance
Talat Bulut, Sevval Sam, Eda Ece
Forbidden Fruit is a new 2019 Turkish Drama TV series. TV series cast includes Talat Bulut, Sevval Sam, Onur Tuna, Eda Ece, Sevda Erginci and many more! Read more to find out what happens in this TV show you won’t be able to stop watching!

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world of wealth where you could be filthy rich and not have to work? Well that is the dream for these two sisters, Zeynep and Yildiz. They both have separate plans from each other to achieve the rich lifestyle. Zeynep works hard as a manager’s assistant at a big company and Yildiz works at a popular restaurant in town.

The sisters spend their days trying to achieve their dream but they are both caught in problems. Zeynep world flips as the company she works for is bought out by another company. Thankfully she is able to keep her job but there are lots of new names and faces to learn. She finds herself working with a young, rich and successful business man named Alihan who is always getting in her way. After endless days of fighting back and forth Alihan realizes that he likes Zeynep. If this works out could Zeynep have the rich lifestyle she’s been dreaming for? Yildiz on the other hand is already dating a rich man and things seem to be going well for her. Or so she thought when she understands that he has no intention on marrying her and having a future together.

Yildiz is extremely upset and is not sure what to do. Ender then comes into Yildiz life with a solution for both of them. Ender is a rich lady with a high status because of her rich husband. Ender realizes she wants to break it off with her husband but she doesn’t want to be left with nothing. She is looking for her fair compensation as she knows he is an evil man. She presents a plan to Yildiz to hire her to seduce her husband and have an affair with him. This way Ender can bring him to court and leave him with a high compensation for herself. If Yildiz accepts this plan with Ender it will affect her sister Zeynep. Will Yildiz accept this plan knowing it will have major impacts on her sister? Will she pick having the rich lifestyle over her own sister?

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