Roozegari Dar Chukurova (Bitter Lands)

Amazing Turkish Drama

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Roozegari Dar Chukurova (Bitter Lands)
Original Title
Bir Zamanlar Çukurova
Evren Karabiyik, Murat Saraçoglu, Faruk Teber
Burak Sagyasar, Timur Savci
Derem Ciray, Su Ersöz, Yildiz Tunç
2 h 00 min
Release Date
6 September 2018
Vahide Perçin, Hilal Altinbilek, Murat Ünalmis
This story shows a young couple who are in love and wish to get married, but they must conceal their forbidden love. Therefore, they pose as brother and sister in hopes of concealing their identities. They move to Adana where they work as farmers. Will this young couple in love be able to hold up their disguises, or will they have to give up each other forever?

Roozegari Dar Chukurova (Bitter Lands) Turkish drama revolves around Zuleyla, who is a young woman living in the beautiful lands of Istanbul during the 1970s. She lives with her step-brother and sister-in-law, and works hard as a tailor. Even though she is not a wealthy woman, she lives a happy life with her lover Yilmaz. Yilmaz comes from a similar background as Zuleyla: he doesn’t have much family, works hard at his job, but lives happily because of his lover.

Even though the two young people are happy in love and want to get married, an unexpected twist occurs leaving their lives in disarray. When Zuleyla’s step-brother owes a crime boss money from gambling, he sells off his sister as payback. Yilmaz gets wind of this unfortunate deal, and in order to save his love, he kills the crime boss. Finally free, Yilmaz decides he needs to flee, and wants to leave Zuleyla behind so she can resume her life. However, there is no way she is leaving her love, so they plan on fleeing Istanbul together to escape from the misery.

Once they are a safe distance away, they try to go back to normal. They attempt to find jobs and earn money, all the while keeping who they really are a secret. As fate would have it, Yilmaz runs into an old friend from the military, who helps him find a good job at a fruitful farm. In order to remain together without any questions, Yilmaz and Zuleyla pose as siblings.

This is when Demir comes into the picture. He is a handsome young man, who is the landowner of the farm. His dream is to become the most powerful man in the city, thus he always puts work first. He unfortunately went through a sad divorce, leaving him to close his heart off to love forever. That was until he set his eyes on Zuleyla. Will Zuleyla and Yilmaz’s love be able to withstand the elements? Or will Demir intercept their love?

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