Parandeh Khosh Eghbal (Early Bird)

Amazing Turkish Romance

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Parandeh Khosh Eghbal (Early Bird)
Original Title
Erkenci Kus (Pasarea matinala)
Cagri Bayrak
Gold Film, Gold Yapim
Faruk Turgut
Meriç Acemi (story), Ilker Baris, Ayse Kutlu, Yesim Citak
2 h 00 min
Release Date
26 June 2018
Comedy, Romance
Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman, Öznur Serçeler
Sanem is a young woman who is excited about her future, but she is having difficulty obtaining a full-time job. While she is figuring her life out, she also takes up working at her father’s store. However, her overbearing parents want more for her, and constantly compare her to her perfect sister, Leyla. This shows Sanem’s journey of finding a full-time job, while also finding love.

Parandeh Khosh Eghbal (Daydreamer) Turkish series features Sanem, who is a cheery, happy-go-lucky young woman. She wakes up early every morning in order to open her father’s store, and she is very happy working there. During work, on her off-time she is able to work on the book she is currently writing. She is convinced that soon she will one day finish it, and become the writer she has always dreamed of.

However, her life becomes chaotic when her mother threatens to marry her off. Her mother wants Sanem to give up her dream of becoming a writer and instead find a real job. Her parents have decided if she doesn’t get an office job soon, they will marry her off to Muzaffer, who has been in love with her for quite some time.

In hopes of not getting forced into marriage, Sanem finally starts looking for an office job. When she tells her sister, Leyla, about the situation, Leyla offers Sanem a job at the advertising company she is currently working at. Unfortunately for Sanem, she doesn’t have any relevant work experience, so she compromises with running errands for the office.

Sanem must adjust to working at an office job. She finds this to be difficult, as she is always finding trouble. Things get further complicated when she meets her boss, Can. Can is a free-spirited young man, who was a freelance photographer. He lives his life for adventure, and had no plans of running his family’s business. However, when it came to his attention that his father was too sick to work, Can quickly took over for him. Like Sanem, Can must adjust to working in an office, which is certainly different from his once care-free life.

Family rifts arise when Can’s younger brother, Emre is upset that Can gets to run the family business. This is because Emre has been working hard for his father his whole life, and believes that he should be in charge. Will Can and Emre be able to mend their broken relationship? What will happen when Sanem and Can meet?

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