Lake (Stain)

Stain will tell the love story of two broken and injured souls.

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Lake (Stain)
Original Title
Tuna Aktas, Metin Balekoglu
Tims & B Productions
Burak Sagyasar, Timur Savci
Derem Arpaci, Su Ersöz, Yildiz Tunç
2 h 00 min
Release Date
16 April 2019
Drama, Romance
Burak Sevinç, Melis Sezen, Selen Uçer
Yasemin grew up in the orphanage together with her 9-year-old brother Murat. Yasemin, who had to leave the orphanage when she was of minor age, studied the law and working in an organization company. She wants to receive custody of her brother and to pay for surgery. However, she experiences events that she does not expect. Although Cem is a successful person in business life, he witnessed the fragmentation of his family in the past. He is insecure towards women because of this trauma.

Yasemin’s story began in Germany and found itself in the ups and downs of life. However, she was not afraid to live and succeeded in entering the law school. Now she is both studying and working. Her sole purpose in life is to receive custody of her hearing-impaired brother, who has been growing up in the orphanage as their fathers are different. On the other hand, she is saving up money for her brother Murat’s operation. Cem is the older of two children of a wealthy family. As a child, he has witnessed an incident that led his mother Belkis and his father apart and disrupted their lives. Successful, bright man in business. However, he is distant and insecure to women because of what happened in the past. Yasemin and Cem’s life crossed in coincides with an event that happened on the night of the organization of Cem’s company. Two broken hearts, two wounded souls. It is a pure love that tries to grow among the dark secrets, ambitions, intrigues. Love that will win the pride?

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