Istanbul Zalem

No one is not the innocent of sin that he is not tested.

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Series Details

Istanbul Zalem
Original Title
Zalim Istanbul
Cevdet Mercan
Avsar Film
Sukru Avsar
Sirma Yanik
2 h 00 min
Release Date
1 April 2019
Fikret Kuskan, Deniz Ugur, Mine Tugay
Seher lives in Istanbul with three children. The encounter of Seher and Agah will affect everyone's life.

Istanbul Zalem (Zalim Istanbul) – Ruthless City – is a story that brings two families together via a twist of fate.

One family is rich and wealthy, but are unfortunate in that their son is disabled and unable to be mobile. His parents are concerned about his ability to survive once they are gone and his future happiness if no woman agrees to marry them. The sister is vain and uninterested in helping the family take care of her brother. The family elects to purchase their son a bride who will be able to take care of him physically and emotionally well after they are gone.

They persuade a family to come from far away, a much more rural and poor part of Turkey that will provide a daughter to marry their son. The only issue is that the daughter is not fully aware of the deal that has been made until she gets to the wealthy families home.

There is turbulence and discrepancy in who will be the best fit as the son’s wife. The daughter shows animosity towards the poor family for being in her home.

Watch Zalim Istanbul (Ruthless City) to find out if harmony will ever come to this dramatic and secretive household.

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