Ghorse Mah (Full Moon) Dubbed (Duble Farsi)

Amazing Turkish Romance

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Series Details

Ghorse Mah Dubbed
Original Title
Cagri Bayrak
No Dokuz
Yagmur Ünal
Fikret Bekler, Elif Ozsut, Aysen Günsu Teker, Kerim Ceylan, Zeynep Arslanpay
2 h 00 min
Release Date
4 July 2017
Comedy, Romance
Özge Gürel, Can Yaman, Hakan Kurtas
Turkish, Dubbed in Farsi
Ferit Aslan (Can Yaman), who is a very successful businessman, meets Nazli, a young woman who is incapable of keeping a job. Even though they are two opposites, time will tell if they end up falling in love.


Ghorse Mah (Full Moon) story features Nazli, who is a young woman with dreams of one day becoming a chef. Even though she is currently studying at culinary school, she leads a very busy life. She is taking Japanese classes and working part-time in order to support her family. She is very close with her two sisters, named Fatos and Asuman. She is closest to Fatos, who is the eldest and is currently enrolled in fashion school. Whereas, Asuman is attending tourism school, and has a plan of marrying a wealthy man.

Everything changes when Nazli acquires a job as a personal chef for a wealthy man, Ferit. Ferit is extremely picky, and leaves a list of food for her to make. The rules are that she must cook from 12pm-5pm, and must be out of the house before her boss arrives home. She must also only stay in the kitchen, and leave it orderly and organized. Ferit is so picky that he is never able to keep his help around for long, because a problem always arises. He comes close to firing Nazli at one point because she is always changing around the meals. However, he decides to keep her because he really does enjoy her cooking.

All of these rules mean that Nazli and Ferit have never actually met, and he has no idea that a young, beautiful woman has been making his meals this whole time. However, one fateful day the pair meets, and are instantly attracted to one another. Ferit can sometimes be mean to Nazil because he wishes to correct her behaviour, but she finds it charming. He starts to see her carefree behaviour as different and cheerful. Even though they are both extremely different and it is quite an unlikely pair, they can’t help but fall for each other.

When Nazli hears that her younger sister has started hanging out at a “gold-digger” bar, she decides to go as well in order to save her sister. However, when word of this reaches Ferit, he starts to question Nazli’s intentions with him. Are they really falling for each other, or is Nazli simply after his money?

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