Esme Man Malek

Amazing Turkish Drama

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Series Details

Esme Man Malek
Original Title
Benim Adim Melek
Cem Akyoldas
US Yapim
2 h 00 min
Release Date
25 September 2019
Saim Güveloglu, Poyraz Ar, Nehir Erdogan
This Turkish Drama series stars the actors Nehir Erdogan, Kutsi, Uğur Yücel, Kaan Çakır, Serif Sezer, Rabia Soytürk and Ulvi Kahyaoğlu.

Common themes in this story include the strong bond of family, suspense and love. This series goes in-depth on a story with a strong female role, about a mother who is willing to sacrifice anything for her family’s safety. This story will keep you wanting more answers.

At the beginning of the story, you are introduced to the main character Melek. Melek is a determined and young mother who has the perfect family. Melek was stubborn and grew very strong as growing up she would disagree with her father and made decisions that went against all of his wishes. She loved who she wanted and enjoyed life how she wanted. Fast forward to her life today, in her eyes, everything was completely perfect and was the way it was supposed to be. Until one day she gets a knock at the door and realized her life would soon be changed forever. Her ex-husband comes back into her life and she knows he can destroy all of the happiness she’s created. Her ex-husband has come back to get a divorce and threatens to take away the children if he doesn’t get what he came for.

This thrilling drama has you heartbroken as you start to become attached to the characters and start routing for Melek. Watch this series to see how this story ends!

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