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Series Details

Original Title
Serkan Birinci
1441 Productions
Cengiz Deveci, Irfan Sahin
Nazli Sunlu, Yekta Torun, Hilal Yildiz, Zehra Çelenk
2 h 00 min
Release Date
9 September 2019
Nazan Kesal, Ismail Hacioglu, Serhat Teoman
Are you ready for a twisted drama series that will always keep you wanting more answers? This Turkish TV series tells the story of separate mothers and their children that all tie together keeping one big secret. The Children’s Series began shooting in Istanbul on August 4.

This story starts with a woman named Akca who grew up having a troubled family life. She finally escaped it and started moving forward when she met her love, Hasan. Akca had thought Hasan saved her from everything she’s been through but she soon finds out it’s not love when he starts beating on her. Akca gets pregnant with Hasan but has promises herself to find a better life for her son and this is where the story begins.

With not much choice she decides to give up her son Efe to a wealthy woman named Asiye. Asiye decides to take the baby for her son Ali and his wife Sule because they are unable to have a child. At first, Efe came as a miracle to the family and was treated with nothing but love and happiness. But soon after Efe came into the picture, Ali and Sule got pregnant with their own child. They had been so excited about the new baby on the way that they completely forgot and abused Efe. Efe gets pushed to the side and treated like he does not belong in the family anymore. Around this time Hasan comes back from prison on a mission to get his son Efe back. Hasan, a scary man who will put everyone in great danger for his plan to work is coming. Where will Efe end up? How will this story end?

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