Atre Eshgh (Duble Farsi)

Amazing Turkish Romance

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Atre Eshgh (Duble Farsi)
Original Title
Erkenci Kus
Cagri Bayrak, Aytac Cicek
Gold Film, Gold Yapim
Faruk Turgut
Meriç Acemi, Yesim Citak, Ayse Kutlu, Banu Zengin Tak
2 h 00 min
Release Date
26 June 2018
Comedy, Romance
Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman, Öznur Serçeler

Sanem is a young girl, who despite her age, must take on the responsibility of running her father’s grocery store. Her father, Nihat, suffers from health issues, so Sanem must wake up early and open the store for him. After a busy morning at the store, she is free for the rest of the day, in order to finish writing her book.

Even though she has had some hurdles in her life, she remains cheerful, spontaneous, and full of life. Sanem’s older sister, Lale, is the complete opposite of her, as she is structured and works at an advertising agency. Sanem’s family has always pressured her to get a “real job,” instead of pursuing her dreams of becoming a writer. Finally, her family has reached their limit, and threaten that if she doesn’t find a job they will find someone for her to marry. Luckily, Lale saves her and finds her a job at the agency with her.

Things are not looking up for Sanem, and she really struggles at the agency. She is not meeting her sales marks, and it is simply not what she expected. However, when she befriends Can, who is the son of the owner, romance begins to spark. Will this unexpected pair find love, or will the elements tear them apart?

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