Aroose Istanbuli Dubbed (Duble Farsi)

The Bride of Istanbul is really loved by Turkish audience.

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    Farsi, Turkish

Series Details

Aroose Istanbuli Dubbed
Original Title
Istanbullu Gelin
Zeynep Gunay, Deniz Kolos
O3 Turkey Medya
Cengiz Çağatay
Release Date
3 March 2017
Drama, Comedy, Romance
Deniz Akçay, Gülseren Budayicioglu, Armagan Gülsahin, Ayse Isikmen, Selin Yaltaal, Serkan Yoruk, Ali Aydin
Turkish, Dubbed in Farsi
Faruk comes from power – not only does he come from a wealthy family, he is also the owner of a bus company. That is why when he meets and falls in love with a violinist woman, his mother is far from happy about it. Will this couple be able to survive a mother’s disapproval?

More About this amazing Turkish Series

Bride of Istanbul is based on a real love story, a young beautiful singer Ülkü Üst and a young businessman Ali Sarpkan fell in love and married in 1975. Unfortunately, despite their deep love for one another, Ali’s family is highly traditional and did not approve of this marriage. Ülkü does her best to win over the family, even at the cost of her singing career.

Although similar to the original story, this new version is more modernized and includes other relationships. In this movie, Ülkü’s name is changed to Süreyya and is played by Aslı Enver and Ali’s name is changed to Faruk and played by Özcan Deniz.

Faruk is a young, successful businessman, and comes from a powerful family. His family is highly traditional, and at the centre of the family is his mother – who is the ultimate decision maker. Whereas, Süreyya’s parents passed away, so she was raised by her aunt. Süreyya and Faruk meet in Istanbul, fall madly in love, and get married without telling anyone. His mother had already decided on Faruk marrying someone else, so when she found out about this marriage she was greatly upset.

Faruk’s background is not revealed until later in the first season, so audiences are shocked by his rich family. Drama unfolds as Süreyya collides with Faruk’s family.

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