Feride runs a fairly straight and narrow life, with her father, stepmother, and siblings. However, her simple life is uprooted when she meets Aziz, who is a rich and powerful man with an air of darkness. Feride doesn’t want to…

Ghorse Mah (Full Moon) Dubbed (Duble Farsi)

Ferit Aslan (Can Yaman), who is a very successful businessman, meets Nazli, a young woman who is incapable of keeping a job. Even though they are two opposites, time will tell if they end up falling in love.

Eshghe Siah va Sefid Dubbed (Duble Farsi)

Opposites attract? An unlikely pair is formed when a naive doctor, who has devoted her life to healing others, meets a cold blooded-killer with a dark past. Can two so very different people really find love with each other?

Taze Aroos (New Bride)

Cultures collide when a Spanish women, Bella, falls in love with a Turkish man, Hazar. Bella is from a modern family, whereas Hazar’s family is more traditional. These two get married despite the disapproval from both their families.

JazroMad Dubbed (Duble Farsi)

Is it really possible to get a fresh start? When Yaman’s brother steals a car from a gas station, they both end up getting sent to jail. After getting let out, Yaman is desperate to start over, and finds a…

Aroose Istanbuli Dubbed (Duble Farsi)

Faruk comes from power – not only does he come from a wealthy family, he is also the owner of a bus company. That is why when he meets and falls in love with a violinist woman, his mother is…