Ramazan Tatar

If you enjoy watching shows that are about love, drama, and history, you won’t want to miss out on the series Ramazan Tatar (Tatar Ramazan)!

Zemestane Sakht

In this amazing drama, Firuze and Ayaz are two beautiful heart, two family carrying children overhead and fate brought them together.


If you are looking for a new Turkish series that highlights the themes of justice and love, then this series is one you won’t want to miss. This show is based on a true story that will keep you watching…

Mojezeye Doctor (A Miracle)

Get ready for this thrilling season that you won’t be able to stop watching. This Turkish medical drama series stars the life of Ali Vefa (Taner Olmez). Ali’s extraordinary life will lead him to greatness with the power of his…

Ghahraman (The Champion)

This Turkish drama series will pull on your heartstrings and keep you coming back for more. This story outlines the relationship between a father, Firat (Tolgahan Sayışman) and son, Emir (Emir Özyakışır) with a strong bond.


Are you ready for a twisted drama series that will always keep you wanting more answers? This Turkish TV series tells the story of separate mothers and their children that all tie together keeping one big secret. The Children’s Series…

Esme Man Malek

This Turkish Drama series stars the actors Nehir Erdogan, Kutsi, Uğur Yücel, Kaan Çakır, Serif Sezer, Rabia Soytürk and Ulvi Kahyaoğlu.

Gozashte Aziz

Imagine waking up one morning and finding out the life you have been living is a lie? This story stars the life of three sisters who have been separated at birth and now put to test to see if they…

To Begoo Karadeniz

Nafes was forced to marry vedat who abused & tortured her,one day nefes takes her son & escapes in a car truck of one of her husband’s partners who is called tahir,Tahir will protect them from vedat Written by ahmetkozan

Eshgh va Ashk (Love That Makes You Cry)

Young people who migrated from the provinces to Istanbul and tried to survive alone; it is the story of the conflict between their conscience and their love.